Rainbow Fund annual grants round – second call

Applications for The Rainbow Fund’s Annual Grants Round have been open for several weeks.

The closing date has been set later this year, on Friday, September 1, so that those involved in Pride have time to recover fully.

No applications received after September 1 will be considered by the grants panel.

The Rainbow Fund is keen to promote cooperation and respect between all LGBT+/HIV groups and organisations providing services to LGBT+ people in Brighton & Hove.

To this end, they make conditions to the grants they award to ensure that groups and organisations attend, and participate in good faith, the quarterly meetings of Working to Connect the LGBT small groups network, and/or The Community Safety Forum, to discuss challenges and opportunities that arise in these sectors.

Chris Gull

Chris Gull

Chris Gull, Chair of the Rainbow Fund, said: “I have been alarmed recently to hear of personality clashes, squabbles, lobbying and what appear to be attempts at empire building across both sectors. All grant applications this year will be subjected to an additional ‘respect’ clause’. The Rainbow Fund will also expect to see evidence of a ‘respect clause’, mentioning other Brighton and Hove LGBT+ groups and organisations, being incorporated into the constitutions of all LGBT+/HIV groups applying to the fund, within the 12 months of the grant period, before we will consider an application for the 2018 grants round. We know that some groups already have these in place, and that is good practice.”

For the criteria for this year’s grants round, and the on-line application form, click here:

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