PROFILE: Flower Power!

This Valentine’s month, Eric Page catches up with Neil Rushton of stylish and fragrant newcomer Hunter Florist on St James St, to talk all things floral.

Neil Rushton

Neil Rushton

Your shop, what’s your thinking behind its style?
I like the flowers to speak, so all packaging is understated, and the décor of the shop is neutral, to allow the plants and flowers to shine.

How do you feel about your success?
You are only as good as your last arrangement, there is no room for being complacent, and so I’m always pushing myself to keep standards high.

What got you into floristry?
I was a window dresser in a large London department store for 11 years, and used a lot of large faux flowers, and moved on to fresh flowers. That’s when I got the bug to work with flowers and plants as a career.

Hunter Florist

Photo: Murray Draycon

What brought you to Brighton?
The space, fresh air and opportunities.

What’s your signature flower?
I love Snowdrops, one of the first flowers to push through the icy ground and Blossom too, pink, flouncy, and a true sign that summer is on its way.

Do you talk to your flowers? I always talk to the flowers and plants; I tell them how pretty they are and hope their new owner will look after them properly.

What’s your biggest headache? Using flower’s that aren’t fully in season, out of season they are never as big or open as you need them to be.

What makes you cringe?
When pastel and vibrant clashing colours are put together, or dyed flowers.

Your perfect flowery threesome? White hyacinth, ivory Norma Jean roses and stephanotis with a hint of fresh mint.

Hunter Florist

Photo: Murray Draycon

Who would do your own personal event, McQueens or Simon Lycett? McQueens, I love their style, the way they use flowers, the choices they put together.

How has being LGBT influenced your business?
Being LGBT has taught me, that you have to stick to your guns and push yourself all the way, nobody else is going to do it for you.

Any advice for budding LGBT business folk?
Be prepared for whatever walks through the door, and be willing to adapt.

What’s your typical working day?
At the shop for  7am, order stock from local wholesaler & Holland, check flowers condition &  deliveries, serve customers, e-mail husbands & brides regarding wedding orders, around 6pm start to close up then a walk with my pooch.

What’s your favourite flower joke?
The bill’s my wholesalers give me are a joke at times.

Hunter Florist will have an online shop soon. To order telephone 01273 621229.

They also have face book page. To view: click here:

Hunter Florist are very generously offering a gift voucher up to £50 for one lucky reader who can answer the following question:

Q: What number St James Street is the Hunter Florist Shop?

Send your answer to with Hunter’s Flowers Competition in the subject line.

Hunter Florist, St James’s Street, Brighton, Telephone 01273 621229.

For more information and to book flowers online, click here:

Hunters the Florist

Photos: Murray Draycon

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