PREVIEW: Visions of the Apocalypse: An organ concert for Lent by D’Arcy Trinkwon

Posted On 02 Mar 2017
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Visions of the Apocalypse: a programme of organ music reflecting the spiritual struggle of life and death, good and evil, and the ultimate transcendence of faith, good and belief performed by D’Arcy Trinkwon.

Alongside Bach – as ever the arbiter of spiritual levels beyond words – two dramatic French works: Langlais’ vivid depiction of the story of ‘The Fifth Trumpet’ (Book of Revelations) that speaks of the star falling from the skies into darkness of the earth, the scourging plague of locusts and the ferocious calamities that follow during the Apocalypse. Alain’s Trois Danses expresses the struggling conflict of Life, mourning and the dance of joy.

The programme also includes two of the beautiful works of Franck: the searingly intense Prière and his third, final Choral – a work whose exploration of profound feeling builds to a magnificent and optimistic end.

BACH                    Fantasia & Fugue in C minor, BWV537

LANGLAIS          Cinq Méditations sur l’Apocalypse, op.157: No.5 – La Cinquième trompette

FRANCK              Prière, Op.20

ALAIN                   Trois danses

FRANCK              Choral No. 3 in A minor 

“There is no contradiction between dance and suffering; dance, like music itself, expresses itself without context, and it perhaps translates in its sublimity that which words can only say brutally”….. Jehan Alain

Event: Visions of the Apocalypse – A Concert for Lent

Where: Worth Abbey, Paddockhurst Road, Turners Hill, West Sussex, RH10 4SB

When: Sunday 12 March 2017

Time: 7.30pm

Cost: Free entry. Retiring collection


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