New chat show for Bear World TV

Bear World Television to produce new chat show with Jonathan Shuffield and Sergey Grankin.

Jonathan Shuffield and Sergey Grankin

Jonathan Shuffield and Sergey Grankin

Jonathan and Sergey will be working on a new chat show for Bear World TV called Hanging Out with Jonathan and Sergey. The show will follow on from their recent show OUTSpoken (now off the air) which was the only LGBT+ radio show in the northwest USA.

Hanging Out will feature all the fun and games that Jonathan and Sergey have so well established with OUTSpoken, and they will welcome celebrity guests old and new on to their couch in Los Angeles.

Jonathan, said: “OUTSpoken was an important voice for the LGBT+ community that did not have a voice. As we began our journey some 4 years ago, it became increasingly clear that our voice was reaching out even beyond this area. Our mission has always been, and continues to be, to strive to entertain and educate, to be fearless with our voices and most of all to be authentically ourselves through our passion and our humour. We are very excited to take this philosophy to the next level with our new shows and to reach an ever-broadening audience with our humour and joy for life.”

Sergey Grankin, added: “OUTSpoken served the community by giving voices to the LGBT+, black, HIV positive, immigrant, women and other under-represented communities. Our work was important and changed lives daily. Though OUTSpoken as a radio show doesn’t now exist, the act of being outspoken lives within us all every day. Our work is never done. ‘Hanging Out’ is our new endeavor where we hope to bring the unseen and everyday lives of celebrities to your living room. We hope to dig deep and find that underlying human motif that connects us all. Through laughter, joy and conversation we hope to bring entertainment as well as social change conversation from the stars to the masses.” 

Richard Jones, Executive Producer, Bear World TV, said: “When we began talks with Jonathan and Sergey about a TV show they leapt at the chance and they had a million ideas already, which is truly amazing! The energy they create together is going to sparkle on-screen and when you add celebrities into to the mix, it’s going to be unmissable TV!” 

Hanging Out with Jonathan and Sergey goes into production later this year and will be part of the Fall line-up for Bear World TV hosted at

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