Lib Dems respond to city plan with big ideas on housing


Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats submit response to City Council regarding the City Plan, outlining planning and strategic vision for the city until 2030.

Paul Chandler

Paul Chandler: Chairman of Brighton & Hove Lib Dems

In their response they have urged the council to think innovatively when it comes to addressing the city’s housing crisis, including building low-cost housing units (as part of mixed developments if necessary) and taking measures to increase support to long-leaseholders.

Vacant commercial property should be repurposed for housing, with a regular audit or census to identify unused or under-used space. They further suggest that funding should only be provided through the Public Works Loans Board where it is clear this will directly contribute to building or maintaining affordable housing in the city.

Other areas highlighted were environmental issues, information supply, local democracy, transport, social care and support for local enterprise.

The Lib Dems have suggested that the council set up an independent advocacy service so that local people can have information and advice about existing council services. They have also advocated a local Education and Career Development Hub to co-ordinate educational and careers services across the city. Recycling must be further promoted and high quality public transport with good access for disabled people and older people maintained.

Brighton & Hove Lib Dems conclude that the City Plan must above all be a means for positive progress, and the council remain responsive and accountable to residents while delivering quality services.

Speaking about the submission of the proposals to the council, Paul Chandler, chairman of Brighton & Hove Lib Dems, said:  ‘The new minority Labour administration at City Hall only has a partial mandate from the voters. It should be listening to all the varied voices that make up this great city of ours. The Lib Dems intend to contribute positively in every way they can.’ 

Lib Dems say local membership of the party has double since the General Election on May 7.


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