Film makers to create history of lost generation of LGBT+ people

Two film makers are looking for LGBT+ people to help to make a documentary about the early years as well as the legacy of living with HIV today.

web-600Aids since the 80s, will be a feature-length documentary film that will reflect how HIV and AIDS affected gay men, their friends and partners during the first years of the epidemic in the UK before there was effective treatment.

Their aim is to interview and record the experiences of 100 people who have been touched by HIV and AIDS.

The project will consist of two main elements:

♦ A feature-length documentary which will initially be shown in cinemas and an archive of interviews that will be kept for future researchers to form a history of HIV and AIDS. The idea for this project grew from their own experience of HIV and AIDS, and the fact that they realised that the experiences and stories of those touched by such a momentous phenomenon might not otherwise be properly preserved to any great extent.

The goals of the project:

♦ The film will reflect the true experience of our history and our lost generation.

♦ An aim to interview one hundred people for the film, from all walks of life who have stories to tell about living and dying, during and after the pandemic caused by HIV infection.

♦ Film performance pieces and record music by artists inspired or involved with the history of HIV.

♦ Inclusive of all sexuality, gender and ethnicities, including people with or without HIV – anyone touched by AIDS in whatever way can participate.

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