BAR PERSON PROFILE: Deamán O’Firghil O’Corraidhin @Bar Broadway

The first person many LGBT+people meet when they arrive in the city is the bar person at their local LGBT+ venue. These gatekeepers to the community provide an important role both befriending and signposting new arrivals. Gscene finds out a bit more about them and what makes them special.

Deamán O'Firghil O'Corraidhin

Deamán O’Firghil O’Corraidhin

Deamán O’Firghil O’Corraidhin works at Bar Broadway, current holder of the Golden Handbag for Best Small Bar and was the popular winner of Favourite Barman at this years awards.

Where do you come from? I am from Derry in Ireland.

What brought you to Brighton? I moved to Brighton in September 2014 to pursue my goal of becoming a mental health nurse. I watched Connie and Carla and seeing how they lived in West Hollywood surrounded by a wonderfully accepting LGBT+ community inspired me to make a move to Brighton given its unofficial title of Gay Capital of the UK and the very close-knit supportive LGBT+ community. 

Oddest thing you’ve been asked for? I’ve had some pretty unpublishable requests in my time via Grindr- but in Bar Broadway I suppose the strangest request I’ve had was a large glass of red wine over ice.

What’s the worst kind of punter? People without manners. They don’t cost anything. I find when I’m met by rudeness I respond by being overly nice.

What do you do when it’s quiet in the bar? Normally when it’s quiet I clean or spend time getting to know any customers that might be in.

Do you know the difference between Ale and Beer? Is ale not just a variety of beer? As is lager, stout, Pilsner etc?

Can you pull a pint? I prefer to be drinking them but yes I can.

Do you prefer to be shaken or stirred? Can’t I have both?

Whats your favourite tipple? Nothing better than a Gin and Elderflower Tonic.

What makes you roll your eyes? I imagine it’s the muscles contracting and relaxing in and around my eye balls.

Are those really your photos on Grindr? They may have had a filter or two.

What makes a perfect barperson? Someone who works hard but can have fun at the same time. I’m really happy to say that the guys I work with at Bar Broadway are not just colleagues but great friends and everyone pulls their weight.

Where do you like to go out when you’re not working? My favourite night out is a Sunday night, the cabaret circuit is always fun and I always finish it off by going to Legends Club where Claire plays all the best cheesiest tunes.

Tell us a secret about yourself. After doing podcasts for MenTalkHealthUK and divulging a lot of personal information, I really don’t think I have anything to say that isn’t already in the public domain.

Is it really that big? Hmmmmmm

What’s your nickname behind the bar? I get called a lot of things in the name of banter.


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