Accessibility Matters at Brighton Bear Weekend

Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum (LGBT CSF) and its Accessibility Matters volunteers will attend their first Brighton Bear Weekend Picnic on June 17.

The volunteers will be on site at Dorset Gardens to provide access support to attendees to the picnic with mobility and emotional needs.

The LGBT CSF will be partnering with the Village MCC to provide its joint listening ear service on the park during the picnic.

They have also worked with Lunch Positive to ensure there are accessible toileting facilities within the picnic area.

Billie Lewis

Billie Lewis

Billie Lewis, Volunteer Chair of the LGBT CSF, said: “We enjoy attending public events and delivering outreach within the community. We get a real feel for public opinion and a sense of how we can develop our services by going out, talking and listening to people about their experiences and concerns. We look forward to seeing you there!”

Accessibility Matters is the only dedicated LGBT project that delivers effective front-line services to the Disabled LGBT Communities in Brighton & Hove.

Accessibility Matters was created by the Brighton and Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum to address the needs of older disabled, and deaf members of the LGBT Communities in the city, to encourage and empower them to take part in community and social life on a par with their non-disabled peers.

Accessibility Matters for the past 5 years have provide a space at Brighton and Hove Pride for people with various disabilities so they can be part of the community.

During the last twelve months, Accessibility Matters has delivered self-awareness and self-defence workshops to empower individuals to feel safer and protect themselves. These workshops were also delivered at the Forums’ B Right On. Festival which celebrated LGBT History Month in February.

Accessibility Matters was instrumental in enabling older, disabled and deaf people to take part in Pride 2014, 2015 and 2016 both in the Parade, where they were accommodated at the front of the parade, and at the main event on Preston park where Accessibility Matters provided a safe space for disabled people and their carers. For many disabled people, it was the first Pride at which they felt supported and welcomed as equals.

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