INTERVIEW: Queen of the Sky

Eric Page asked Caroline Reid, writer and comedian behind Pam Ann, a few deep and meaningful questions – he was lucky to get away with his life!

Pam Ann

Pam Ann

Pam Ann, the world’s favourite international air hostess and queen of the sky, is back in the UK with a new show. Jet-setting in from sell-out tours in Europe, the USA, Australia, and following a six-week run at London’s Leicester Square Theatre, Pam Ann will touchdown in Brighton for one night, on Sunday, November 15.

Pam Ann is the comic creation of writer and comedian Caroline Reid and together they sell out every stage they hit, from New York’s Public Theatre to San Francisco’s Castro, Sydney’s State Theatre to Melbourne’s Princess Theatre, Paris’s Alhambra Theatre to London’s Hammersmith Apollo, to name a few.

Caroline’s caustic wit knows no bounds and she is fearless about engaging in controversy, deftly navigating the flying taboos, stereotypes, and cultural differences that the boldest of other comedians rarely broach. Easily offended flyers please be warned – her new show, Queen of the Sky, will take no hostages.

The Queen of the Sky can’t promise that this plane won’t go missing over the Indian Ocean or shut down the internet in North Korea but she can guarantee a turbulent flight, so fasten your seatbelt.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be hijacked and verbally abused by an international air hostess? Well this show is for you! Pam Ann is back and she means business (class). Funny, shocking and totally politically incorrect, Pam Ann keeps things lively and nail-bitingly unpredictable as she takes off her pristine white gloves and delivers an unrelenting barrage of ‘shoot-from-the-lip’ observations.

Modest, even about her name-dropping, and adored by cabin crew and frequent flyers around the world, Pam Ann’s ability to rile, offend and charm her audiences has helped her keep flying high. She’s like bare-backing – you either love or hate her. She’s developed a cult-like international following and counts Elton John, Cher and Madonna (who describes Pam Ann as “cruelly funny”) among her fans.

WEB.300When was the last time you cried? “Yesterday, no reason (pre-menstrual). I want someone to kick me in the c*nt so I can bleed.”

What gives you joy in America? “The sexy black men.”

What was your worst gig ever? “I was at an Australian Football League corporate event in Melbourne. The audience thought I was a stripper, which isn’t a bad thing lol. The combination of misogynistic men + sport + corporate + Pam Ann = FAIL.”

What’s the oddest heckle you’ve had? “This one came out randomly, ‘I like your shoes’!”

What’s your best putdown?  “I’ll give you three chances (to shut the f*ck up): 1,2,3’ said all at once and I kick them out on the first warning. They usually leave crying.”

“You’re looking super svelte and sexy – what’s the secret of your tiny waist? Greggs Steak Bake and Pizza Express.”

What were you doing ten years ago? “Living in London, touring with Cher.” 

What will you be doing in ten years time? “Living in LA touring with Nicki Minaj.”

What’s the best thing about your home town Melbourne that you miss? “Chiko Rolls.”

Who is your favourite drag queen ever? “Mama Yvette from The Fridge (she resides in Brighton) ‘Daaaaancinnng tillllll threeeeeeee’.”

Tell us about your grandmother? “She was born in Liverpool.”

Do you have a secret shame? “Masturbating to Great British Bake Off.”

Can comedy change the world? “No, but it can make it lighten the f*ck up.”

What’s the best advice you were ever given? “Silence is golden… I obviously didn’t listen.” 

What’s your fantasy threesome? “The Game, Angelina Jolie, Common.”

Can you bake? What do you bake? “Yes I do. Meth.”

Best queer comedy night in Brighton? “No f*cking idea, but I love Revenge and anywhere with drag queens, cocktails and gays.” 

What Caroline meant to answer to that last question (but was obviously bored out of her mind by the inanity of my questions) was that her new Pam Ann tour, Queen of the Sky, is the best comedy night in Brighton.

Pam Ann is at the Theatre Royal on Sunday, November 15, 2015 for a quick stop over and refuelling before jetting off to sunny Wales.

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Queen of the Sky Competition

• Gscene has a pair of tickets to give away for the Pam Ann show Queen Of The Sky at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, on Sunday, November 15. One lucky reader and their friend can enjoy the sharp lashing of her ruthless tongue by answering the following question: “At which London theatre did Pam Ann just finish a six-week run?”

To win the pair of tickets please email your answer to: before 5pm, Thursday November 12 with ‘Upgrade to Pam Ann’ in the subject bar.

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