PREVIEW: Sauna the dead: A Fairy Tale


We’ve had Jane Austin and Zombies, and now, just as camp and twice as funny, comes a new short film about gay men and the way they treat each other, set in a sauna during the Zombie apocalypse.

Writer/Director – Tom Frederic

A fable in the vein of A Christmas Carol, set in a gay sauna, with zombies.


Jacob (TomFrederic) is a jaded narcissist who stalks the bathhouse halls looking for his next hookup. When he finds himself trapped in a gay sauna in the midst of a zombie outbreak, his survival may depend on the one thing he didn’t come there for: a human connection.

SAUNA THE DEAD – A FAIRY TALE is inspired by mean guys on Grindr and the idea of the sauna as its own little world. Director Frederic fuses a love of 80s fantasy adventure movies, Disney and zombies to  present a genre-hopping modern day fairy tale exploring how the way we treat each other and how that changes online, in saunas and where sex is concerned and how that creates the worlds we live in.


The world premiere  is being shows as part of the BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival 2016 Short Film Programme: Hearts: Deeper Understanding  and will be on March 25 and 26.

The BFI are showing all the best new and classic LGBT films from around the world as part of the Flare 2016 LGBT film festival.

For full info about the BFI Flare LGBT film festival and program of events, click here:

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