BOOK REVIEW: Timber by Dale Lazarov & Player


By Dale Lazarov & Player

In Timber, a hunky third-wheel bachelor goes on a quiet hike in his solitude after his paired up friends disturb his sleep by having endless early morning sex in the campgrounds. After completely losing his way in a slightly magical forest, he meets an uncannily masculine threesome of lumberjacks who are very friendly, very touchy smiley and then take him to their cabin for rescue of a different kind and reveal their true, devastatingly hot natures in bed!

Timber is published by Sticky Graphic Novels, which was founded by Dale Lazarov for wordless, gay character-based, sex-positive graphic novels (think hyper colour filthy cartoons…) to which you can add your own imagination and story as you’re lead along into these seriously erotic wonderlands of beautifully illustrated and coloured manfuck pagan fantasy.

Hot, fun and affirmative this is a sensual and stimulating treat with a knowing wink and a huge thick throbbing sense of humour.

Out now, for more information about Lazarov’s books or to buy this book see the Bruno Gmuender publisher’s website here.

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